3 Things You Should Never Say To A Person With Low Self Esteem

3 Things You Should Never Say To A Person With Low Self Esteem

New Delhi: All our lives, we come across people who have low self-esteem. Having low self-esteem is a real problem for those who deal with it. People often consider that a character adjustment is needed to deal with the problem of low-self esteem; these are the same people who think depression is just a mood swing. If you also know someone who has low self esteem, avoid telling them these thing.

“Love yourself”

"Love Yourself" is a cliche, they have heard this phrase a lot. The real problem with lacking self esteem is not loving yourself but embracing the insecurities, discovering strengths and growing. It is easy to ask someone to love self but it might be the actual problem.

“Look even I have problems”
What people often do is in the name of comforting the other, they start ranting about their own problems. Stop reminding them of flaws and negativity, instead help them gain some positivity. 

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“Can you be more confident, please?”

If it was that easy, they would have been confident. Rather than pointing out the obvious, maybe you can listen to them talk about their issues and help them build on their confidence.

"It is okay to be flawed"

Tell them it is okay to be flawed, help them to embrace their own self. You can always compliment them about something that is outstanding about their look or personality.

Keep It Real And Be Empathic, Not Sympathic


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