3 Ways To Get Rid From Dampness of Towel

3 Ways To Get Rid From Dampness of Towel

New Delhi: After a refreshing bath, the least you expect is to wipe yourself with a smelly towel. Smelly towels are big hub for many skin infections. Towel is something which you can't wash daily and therefore it become vital to dry it properly in the sunlight to get rid of all the stench. Sometimes even after drying it in the sun, the stench refuses to leave. At this time you should try these magical procedures to fix these stench or smell. 

1. The golden rule
The golden rule is do not let your towel stay wet and dump for longer period. Make sure you dry them well in the sun or in your washing machine. This is the most effective way to get rid of the dampness and stench from the towel and also will help in keeping the fabric safe.

2. Vinegar
If you don't want to wash your towel yet cannot stand that odd smell, than run it through a wash cycle alone with vinegar. Don't put any cleaning detergent or fabric softener etc otherwise it will not work. Jut put some white vinegar and run the cycle of the hottest setting possible in your machine. Don't add other items or clothes to the cycle except towels.

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3. Powerhouse combo
You can never run out of baking soda and white vinegar in the kitchen because they act as a powerhouse for all home hacks. In your washing machine, select double cycle for your towels and mix baking soda in your first cycle. In your second cycle add not more than one full cup of white vinegar. 

These magic trick will not only help you in getting rid from those stubborn smells but also make your towels as fresh as dry cleaned.

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