5 Food To Help You beat Your Mood Swings During PMS

5 Food To Help You beat Your Mood Swings During PMS

5 Food To Help You beat Your Mood Swings During PMS

New Delhi: Apart from the most irritating stomach cramps and acne, another factor that causes mood swings and leave women restless and annoyed is premenstrual syndrome(PMS). 
Mood swings not only make you feel grumpy but also reduces interest in the household or daily chores.

Hence, in order to manage your mood swings and pamper yourselves during PMS, here's a list of foods that you can count on to revive the energy and liveliness like usual days. Apart from lightening your mood, these foods will be a treat the taste buds, too.

1.Dark chocolates

Being a stress buster of all time, dark chocolates enliven your mind and brain and also stimulate pleasure. It also help in enhancing the mood during PMS or mood swings.

2.Rejuvenating drinks

There's a huge myth that girls should not drink or eat anything cold during their PMS, since refreshing drinks like lemonades, buttermilk, milk, mojito, and water willlighten your mood. These refreshing drinks will not only freshen up your mindsets but also provide you energy for your daily chores.

3.Greek yogurt

One of the huge mood enhancer for women in their PMS is Greek yoghurt and topped with alluring fruits, berries and roasted almonds. One of the major factor is, it will  boost your energy level instantly. It helps you in being less irritated and restless.


Avocados are just perfect to enhance your taste buds and it'll keep your body healthy. It can be consumed in various ways like smoothies, avocado cheese toast,shakes and salads. They help in eliminating your fogy mood.


Fish consumption provide the brain with essential nutrients and help in smooth functioning of your brain. Like machine needs oil added for its smooth functioning, brain requires fish for it's efficient functioning.

From dark chocolates to fish, here's what you should eat for jolt of energy and liveliness to lighten up your mood during the premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

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