5 things you must know about Islamic New Year

5 things you must know about Islamic New Year


New Delhi: Muharram marks the beginning of the first month of Hijri or Islamic calender. It's considered as a most significant and auspicious month for muslims across the world.

Arrival of new moon denotes the beginning of the Muharram's month. According to Islamic lunar calendar, Muharram is considered among one of the four holy months after Ramadan.

It also marks the anniversary of the Battle of karbala. Imam Hussein Ibn Ali,
Prophet Muhammad 's grandson, was killed when an Iraqi city which is 100 kilometer down south of Baghdad was sieged in 680 AD. This very day is widely honoured by Shia muslims across the world. Prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina, which is known as Hijrah, and so Muharram mark this important event as well.

Various muslim scholars believe that their daily activities should be based upon the months of Islamic or Hijri calendar, derived from Prophet Muhammad's Hijrah or migration.

Here are five things you must know about the Islamic New Year and it's importance:

1.The Islamic calendar starts from the month of Muharram, also known as the month of Allah. That's why it's considered as an auspicious period.

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2. Muslims believe that Allah wishes that they should not commit sins during the sacred month of Muharram. Muslim scholars believe if one commit sin during this month then their sin shall be considered greater and their punishment will also be more severe as compared to other time of the year.

3. After Ramadan, Muharram is also considered as a great period for fasting.

4. Ashura, which is marked on the 10th day of Muharram, is considered as a great day for fasting. So, many muslims choose to fast on ninth and tenth days of the month.

5. Islamic years are generally symbolised by the letter "H" for the Hijrah 
calendar or "AH" which in Latin termed for "in the year of Hijrah" or Anno Hegirae.

Every year muslims celebrate their new year by visiting the mosque, praying to Allah for everyone's well-being and by spending time with their family, friends and near and dear ones. 

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