9 Reasons: Why Book Lovers Are Better Human Beings Than Others

9 Reasons: Why Book Lovers Are Better Human Beings Than Others

New Delhi: Bibliophiles have grown up often hearing from others about how unsocial, introvert they are and also that you question too much. But all you book lovers should be proud of the matter that you're not like other human beings, in fact, you're better and that's scientifically proven. People who read on regular basis are proven to be better humans, and have better skill which help them in coping with certain situations in life. Following are 9 reasons that explain why readers are better human beings in comparison to others.

1. Calm nature
According to University of Sussex, 6 minutes of reading can reduce stress levels up to 68 per cent! Reading soothe readers' nerves which help them be more relaxed and calm in nature. So one can easily imagine how calm a voracious reader must be. Now imagine what will happen to the world if every one ends up reading for at least an hour every day!

2. Better listeners
An experiment was conducted by neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfield in which she deduced that reading regularly actually helps in increasing our attention span and improve our ability to focus. This indeed help us in thinking more clearly and hence, they listen to others properly before speaking up and blabbering anything. 

3. Better memory
It is scientifically proven fact that people who read a lot have complex brains that work at a slightly higher level in comparison to those who don't.  Well,
the benefits of a good memory are much self-explanatory like they have nothing to worry about remembering dates and important incidents and events from past. According to a study made by the Archives of Neurology in Berkeley, reading regularly from a very young age can cure Alzheimer's disease! 

4. Empathetic in nature
When you read a lot, you come across many characters and hence, it enable you to relate to people from different spheres of life. This is what makes a reader more empathetic towards fellow humans and other animals, because they are more likely to understand their situation than the ones who don't read. 

5. Sharp brain
According to a research conducted by Neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfield in 2009 showed reading is good for both our mental and physical health. The study revealed that a reader's brain can literally experience the sound, scenery, smell and taste which are described in the pages of a book.  According to Oxford professor John Stein said that regular reading makes our brains function better.

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6. More patient people
Book lovers, especially the ones more enthusiastic about book series, know what’s waiting is all about. In many cases, they have been generally waited for years for the next release of their beloved series. Also, even in various other situations, a book lover's calmer nature will help them patiently wait before they rush into any situations.

7. Get better sleep at night
If you're suffering from insomnia, try reading regularly before going to bed. There are more chances that you will have more sound sleep than you've had previously, and actually, also you’ll get up with a fresher, more cheerful and purposeful mood. Neuroscientist Anne-Marie Chang advised hat a book can help you relax sooner than looking at a screen.  

8. Strong perceptive
Consumer Behavior Researcher Cristell Russell stated in her study that rereading a book can offer the reader a newer and better perspective than from the first time he read it. This helps one in evaluation of situations in a better and more logical way. This also provide you a chance to reflect yourself in a more positive and 
healthier light. 

9. Good lovers
According to a study published in 2006, reading fiction can be compared to dating thousands of different characters in your life. Book lovers are generally very open-minded and sensitive, and actually are wonderful life partners. They are not only sensitive to their partner's needs and but also are good listeners. Therefore, when you search for a soul mate, make sure you find one who reads a lot.

We are sure that we are not saying anything new to you. If you’re a book lover, you must have admitted by now of having such characteristics and much more. And even if you’re not a book-lover, then too you might have witnessed it in your friends who love reading. 


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