A 13-Foot Alligator Captured From A Public Park

A 13-Foot Alligator Captured From A Public Park

A 13-Foot Alligator Captured From A Public Park

New Delhi: A 13-foot-long alligator was captured by the Officers in Florida on Sunday. In the post shared by the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office on Facebook yesterday, the deputies and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission personnel can be seen posing with the giant alligator that was found in a public park.

The post read," Officers are relieved today after capturing this 13 foot gator from Shamrock Park in Venice."

"According to Supervisor Sellitti who has been with SCSO for 20 years, this may be the largest gator we've ever responded to," they said in their post.

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The officers found the large alligator in Shamrock Park and was taken away by a trapper after it was captured.


The post was shared online yesterday, and since then has collected over 4,000 likes and hundreds of comments.
As per the reports from ABC News, this alligator was captured from the same park where two dogs were attacked by a gator last week.

Earlier, in Texas three police officers captured a massive 8-foot alligator that had made its way to parking lot of a supermarket.

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