All 5 Gates Of Idukki Reservoir Opened, Non-Stop Rain In Kerala: 10 Points

All 5 Gates Of Idukki Reservoir Opened, Non-Stop Rain In Kerala: 10 Points

 All 5 Gates Of Idukki Reservoir Opened, Non-Stop Rain In Kerala: 10 Points

New Delhi: In order to control the overflowing water,  five gates of a dams in Kerala's Idukki water reservoir have been opened. The dams are overflowing due to heavy rain. Because of rain and landslide, 29 people have been killed in the state. More then 15,600 people have been evacuated from affected areas and about 500 relief camps have been set up. The evacuation and relief operations have been conducted by the army, the navy, the air force and the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF). The state's government has said that  to control the rising water level, more water needs to be released. A third red alert was issued for the Idukki reservoir, the gates of which were opened after 26 years.  Today  Rajnath Singh , the Union Home Minister spoke with Pinarayi Vijayan, Kerala Chief Minister and offered all possible assistance to those affected.

Here's 10 points to the story:

1. Around 69 tourists in which 20 are foreigners, are stuck at a resort in Idakki's Munnar. Due to landslides, the roads leading to the resort are blocked. The army has been called in to evacuate them.

2. After the dam gates were opened, the water came down with so much pressure that a bridge cameunder severe stress with huge trees that have been uprooted coming and hitting the bridge. Around 200 families who live on the sides of the Periyar river have been evacuated.

3. KJ Alphons,  the Union Minister has said that in five decades, this is the biggest spell of rain the state has witnessed. "It is the biggest rain we had in 50 years," he was quoted by news agency ANI. Kerala has witnessed the south-west monsoon has, resulting in heavy rains in various parts of the state for the past two days.

4.  This morning, Cheruthoni dam of the Idukki reservoir's Four more shutters were opened, after the water level crossed 2,400 feet. Accordding to the Authorities, the shutters will be opened only for a few hours to release the pressure.

5. So far,the calamity has claimed the life of 29 people,out of which 11 in high-range Idukki in landslips yesterday as rain continued to pound the southern state.

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6. In the relief operation, around Ten teams of the NDRF are involved. All three defence forces and the Coast Guard have been roped in for relief efforts. 

7. The local resident of Idukki are being warned on public announcement system to stay safe. However, There has been  no latest update of flooding and landslides in the district. Today,the Schools and colleges were shut down, in the hilly Idukki district, Wayanad, Ernakulam, Pathanamthitta districts. 

8. the authorities are on a high alert as the waters are expected to reach parts of Ernakulam and Thrissur districts.

9. This has prompted the authorities to open the shutters of  Idukki reservoir's Cheruthoni dam for the first time in 26 years as the water level are brimming. In an unprecedented manner, 24 dams have been opened over the last few weeks due to the rising water levels. 

10. The Kochi airport, on thursday suspended all arrivals at the international and domestic terminals for two hours fearing flooding of the runway. 

(Inputs from news agencies)

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