Angela Merkel, German Chancellor To Give Up Party Leadership

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor To Give Up Party Leadership

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor To Give Up Party Leadership 

New Delhi: Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor has announced that after 18 years in the post, she will give up leadership of her centre-right Christian Democrat Union (CDU) party the media reported on Monday.

The decision comes after both parties under her ruling coalition, i.e., the CDU and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) suffered heavy losses in a regional election over the weekend, CNN reported on Monday.

During a meeting with officials, the German Chancellor announced that she will not seek to run for re-election at the party's convention in December. However, Ms Merkel said that she wanted to remain as Chancellor, a position she has held since 2005, CNN affiliate RTL reported, citing the sources within the party.

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The announcement was in contrast with the German chancellor previous position, in which she linked the party leadership role to the chancellorship, which means that she would only remain Chancellor if she was party leader.

In the Hesse state's weekend elections, the CDU came out as the largest party. However, the results were down 10 per cent from the previous election.

This was second backlash to Merkel's "grand coalition" government. The Christian Social Union, on October 14, had lost its majority in the Bavarian state Parliament.

Later the German Chancellor said that voters had lost trust in the government and that it was her job to "make sure that trust was won back".

"I will work on that with as much vigour as I can," she added.

The Bavaria had to bear the 2015 refugee crisis; at its peak, thousands of asylum seekers were crossing into the state every day. Since then, both Merkel and her CSU allies have been criticized for their management of the influx.

(Inputs from news agency IANS)

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