Before Trump's India Visit US Senators On Kashmir: "Severe Consequences"

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Before Trump's India Visit US Senators On Kashmir: "Severe Consequences"

New Delhi: Ahead Of US President Donald Trump's India visit later this month, top four US senators have written to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, expressing concern about the internet curbs in Kashmir after Jammu and Kashmir's special status was scrapped under Article 370, as well as the detention of political leaders.

The senators also expressed concern over the Citizenship Act. The letter by the two Democrats and two Republicans, says that the Indian government  "continues to block most internet in the region... India has now imposed the longest ever internet shutdown by a democracy, disrupting access to medical care, business, and education for 7 million people".

"Hundreds of Kashmiris remain in 'preventive detention' including key political figures," the letter to Mike Pompeo states. The senators said, "these actions have severe consequences".

Among the four senators who write the letter is Lindsey Graham who is very close to Mr. Trump. Donald Trump and Melania Trump will arrive for a two-day India visit on February 24. As the grand event in Ahmedabad in PM Modi's home state, Gujarat is all set for them.

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The letter goes on to demand an assessment by the US government within 30 days of "the number of individuals detained by the Indian government for political purposes due to India's revocation of Article 370".

The senators also call for an assessment of the "restrictions on communications" in Jammu and Kashmir and the "level of access" given to independent observers, diplomats, foreign journalists.

The US senators also want an assessment of the "number of individuals at risk of statelessness, denial of nationality pursuant to an NRC (National Register of Citizens)".

After the American senators come at a time the second batch of foreign envoys, many of them from the European Union are in Jammu and Kashmir as part of the government's efforts to display the measures taken to restore normalcy in the newly created union territory. The administration has expressed its concern over both the issues in the past.

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