Bigg Boss 12, Day 23 & 24: Surbhi Rana and Mid-Week Eviction Contestants In Despair

Bigg Boss 12, Day 23 & 24: Surbhi Rana and Mid-Week Eviction Contestants In Despair

Bigg Boss 12, Day 23 & 24: Surbhi Rana and Mid-Week Eviction Contestants In Despair

New Delhi: Bigg Boss house is full of surprises though the 23rd day started without any excitement. But the show has become more entertaining these days. The entry of wild card contestant Surbhi Rana has turned the house into a fighting rink as contestants are not ready to back down. In the ongoing luxury budget task 'jail break,' Surbhi's violent behaviour has got her in trouble with Sreesanth and Karanvir Bohra. During second day of the task, Surbhi joins the police team with Jasleen, Nehha, Saba and Sourav. 

Surbhi Rana even ended up fighting with Shrishty while the prisoner task. This made the housemates very angry and they all asked Bigg Boss to disqualify her. Taking it forward Sreesant,Karanvir denied to continue the task further.  In one such incident, Bigg Boss warned the contestants and asked them to refrain from speaking any other language than Hindi. Adding fuel to the fire, Deepak commented on Sreesanth and Karanvir’s using english as a language for elitists, which they did not appreciate. Thus, day 23 went with full fighting and the consequences of which were to be seen in episode number 24.


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The 24th episode in the Bigg Boss house was a tensed one. After Salman instructing them week on week to wake up and play the game in its true spirit, contestants are putting their best foot forward to make a mark for themselves. The Jailbreak task continues between Karanvir, Urvashi and Srishty, who are fighting it out to win the second round of the task. After multiple planning and fall-outs shaking relationships, it will be interesting to see who combats and turns victorious at the end.


While contestants continue to assess the level of love and true friendship amongst each other, Bigg Boss played a major card against them. With a twist in the tale, he announced that the 4th Week of the season will witness A mid-week eviction called ‘Eviction Ka Vaar’. Contestants were shocked with this major announcement. The nominated contestants, Sree Santh, Karanvir and Nehha were called in the activity area while the other contestants were asked to gather in the living room. The nominated contestants had to stand in the coffins while the housemates had to take one name who they thought was not eligible to stay in the Bigg Boss house. With each nomination, their respective coffin was filled with sand.

But Bigg Boss’s surprise took a stride, when he also announced that even though contestants have named their choice, but the elimination will happen basis the viewers votes. A mix emotion capped the environment of the Bigg Boss house as one contestant’s journey will come to an end.

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