Bigg Boss 12, Day 25: Srishty And Saba's Cat Fight, Lead To Tension and Controversy

Bigg Boss 12, Day 25: Srishty And Saba

Bigg Boss 12, Day 25: Srishty And Saba's Cat Fight, Lead To Tension and Controversy

New Delhi: The days in the Bigg Boss house cannot be peaceful and calm. Thurday's episode in the Bigg Boss house started with the discussion of Sreesanth's eviction. Surbhi, Saba and Deepak were shocked when Dipika took Sreesanth's name. Even Sreesanth was astonished to hear his name from Dipikia, he admitted that in the secret room: "Even I was shocked!" In another room, Dipika and and Karanvir discussed the process of elimination. Dipika said Sreesanth told her he really wanted to leave the house. Even Srishty told Sourabh that Sreesanth was too emotional for the show. Meanwhile, Surbhi thought Nehha and Dipika are pretending to be sad when they are actually pleased with Sreesanth's eviction.


Sreesanth even told Anup Jalota in secret room that he doesn't want to leave the house and really want to win the show now. On the other hand everyone in the house woke up with a gloomy mood as they all were missing Sreesanth and Dipika went on crying that she only nominated him as he was missing home.  Dipika also added that she hoped nobody else would vote for Sreesanth but now that he's actually out of the house (that's what the housemates think), she feels really guilty of having him eliminated from the show. Hearing all of this, Sreesanth vowed again to win the show once back in the house!

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In mid-day the captaincy task was started which was managed by Dipika. For the task Srishty and Saba were represeting a jodi and they had to collect magnetic plates from other house members by convincing them. After collecting the plates, they were asked to place them on a board which will be placed in the garden area. Srishty and Saba will then have to write their names on their respective plates and the new captain will be decided based on whoever has maximum plates with their names. Srishty and Saba will also be allowed to strike off their opponent's name and write their own name on the plates. Dipika Kakar will oversee the task.


As the task began, Srishty and Saba tried to and convince the housmates to give them the magnetic plates while Karanvir planned with Srishty about when she should start sticking the magnetic plates. He also tried to convince others on Srishti's behalf. Saba occupied most part of the board and blocked Srishty, who then tried to take Saba's plates, and things heated up from now onward. As Saba pushed Srishty, the atmosphere in the garden area got tense with Dipika warning both of them. But Saba pushed Srishty really hard, who then punched Saba in the face. As Dipika tried to stop Srishty, she locked herself up in the washroom, breaking things and yelling that she wants to go home. Saba continued with the task when Dipika reiterated that Saba's behaviour was uncalled for. While the housemates tried to pacify Srishty, Bigg Boss stopped the task.


Bigg Boss, upon hearing Dipika's account of what happened, cancelled the task and banned Srishty and Saba from becoming captains for their entire stay. Meanwhile, Romil and Surbhi are reinstated as captains for the upcoming week. Bigg Boss also gives out a stern warning against physical violence in the house.

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