Bigg Boss 13 Captaincy Task Brings Out The Worst Of Every Contestant

Bigg Boss 13 Captaincy Task Brings Out The Worst Of Every Contestant

Bigg Boss 13 Captaincy Task Brings Out The Worst Of Every Contestant


New Delhi: As usual, the current week's captaincy task in Bigg Boss 13 drew out the most noticeably terrible in every one of the contestants. As a piece of the current week's errand, Bigg Boss declared that the house will be assaulted by a tremendous insect and each time the spider moves, eggs will get gathered. Containers with names of each challenger were set in the nursery region and every contender needed to gather the eggs at normal interims and put it in their separate crates. The housemate with minimal measure of eggs in the first round was killed from the assignment and turned into the arbitrator of the undertaking. Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz were not permitted to take an interest in the errand for their forceful conduct.

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Shehnaz Gill surprised everyone in the house by changing sides during the task. Sidharth called out Shehnaz for her attitude at the beginning of the task. Mahira Sharma, who was also upset with Shehnaz's behavior, criticised her for not staying true to her friends.

After the first leg of the task, moderator Vishal Aditya Singh decided to call out the task. He later declared Shehnaz Gill as the winner of the first round. The contestants did not accept Vishal's decision. Bigg Boss reprimanded Vishal for lying and being extremely inefficient during the task. Bigg Boss addressed Vishal as the most confused sanchalak ever.

During the start of the scene, the contestants were seen battling about the day by day errands. Rashami Desai, who is for the most part accountable for the kitchen obligations, was asked by different competitors to let them assume on the liability of preparing food. Paras accused Rashami of not cooking littler things and said that she just wishes to do just the greater undertakings. Rashami shielded herself, saying that Paras is continually attempting to blame her and is full of pessimism.

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