BJP Workers Mimick Arvind Kejriwal's Cough, Nitin Gadkari Shushes The Crowd

BJP Workers Mimick Arvind Kejriwal

BJP Workers Mimick Arvind Kejriwal's Cough, Nitin Gadkari Shushes The Crowd 

New Delhi: The Delhi chief minister has been targeted in many ways from ink to chilli powder, through his tenure. However, the most insidious attack probably came on Thursday, when he stepped forward to address the public at an official event in the Delhi.

Rows of BJP workers stood before him, coughing in chorus.

Mr Kejriwal, who used to suffer from a persistent form of cough for over 40 years. The Delhi CM, then underwent corrective surgery at a Bengaluru hospital in September 2016. The mockery of Mr Kejriwal's ailment resulted in some awkwardness at the event, until Union Ministers Nitin Gadkari and Harsh Vardhan came forward to shush the crowd. "Please keep quiet. This is an official event," said Mr Gadkari.

The event that took place in Delhi was being held jointly by the National Mission for Clean Ganga and the Delhi Jal Board, aimed at launching a campaign to clean the Yamuna. The event was also attended by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, Minister of State for Water Resources Satyapal Singh and a number of BJP parliamentarians from Delhi.

Mr Kejriwal has earlier also been mocked over his past ailment. The video of Navjot Singh Sidhu allegedly mocking Mr Kejriwal's cough also went viral on the social media two years ago, when he was still contemplating jumping ship from the BJP to the Aam Aadmi Party. 

After Mr Kejriwal's surgery, BJP leader Manohar Parrikar had quipped that doctors had to trim Mr Kejriwal's tongue because "it had grown long due to his comments against him and the Prime Minister".

(With inputs from news agency PTI)