British MP Sent Back From Delhi Airport Over "Inappropriate Visa"

British MP Sent Back From Delhi Airport Over "Inappropriate Visa"

British MP Sent Back From Delhi Airport Over "Inappropriate Visa"

New Delhi: On Wednesday, Lord Alexander Carlile, a British parliamentarian was turned back from the Delhi airport soon after the top British lawyer's flight landed from London. He is the legal consultant to jailed former Bangladesh Prime Minister Khaleda Zia, Lord Carlile, was reported to have travelled to New Delhi to address a media briefing to highlight what the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party or BNP, calls are "baseless allegations" against her.

The national capital explained the decision to refuse entry to Lord Carlile to an inappropriate visa.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said, "His intended activity in India was incompatible with the purpose of his visit as mentioned in his visa application."

He said, "It was therefore decided to deny him entry into India upon arrival."

This decision is expected to go down well with the government of Sheikh Hasina, who hadn't permitted the lawyer in their country.

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Dhaka Tribune was told by Lord Carlile that since he was not been permitted to come to Dhaka, he held a press conference in India "to explain the complexities in Khaleda Zia's case to the international media community".

Lord Carlile is a high profile lawyer who held several judicial roles and this year in march, he was appointed to the BNP leader's legal team .

Khaleda Zia, the Former Prime Minister, has about three dozen criminal cases filed against her that the BNP insists, are part of a plot to keep her and her family out of politics.
In February this year, she was convicted in the first case. She was accused of stealing $ 253,000 in foreign donations received by an orphanage trust set up when she was last prime minister, from 2001 to 2006 and was sentenced to five years of jail.

The 72-year-old opposition leader's participation in the general elections this year will be decided by the verdict, as the country's constitution prohibits a convicted person sentenced to over two years from participating.

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