Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi Gets Notice For Tweet Showing Boys Assaulted On Video

Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi Gets Notice For Tweet Showing Boys Assaulted On Video

Rahul Gandhi's tweet showing the video of the boys has been re-tweeted by over 9,000 users.

New Delhi: Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi has been sent a notice by the Maharashtra child rights body for 'disclosing' the identity of two minor boys who were assaulted on video. Last Friday, Mr Gandhi had tweeted a video purportedly showing two boys who were stripped and beaten up for swimming in a well belonging to a farmer in Jalgaon district. The video was widely shared on social media.

The child rights body has sent a notice to Twitter too and has given Mr Rahul Gandhi and the social media giant 10 days to respond to the notice, sent based on a Mumbai resident's complaint.

Ram Kadam, a BJP MLA in Mumbai, said he is planning to file a complaint against the Congress president for his tweet.

"The only crime of these Dalit childfen was that there were bathing in an 'upper-caste' well... History will not forgive us if we don't fight the toxic politics of hatred by the RSS/BJP," Rahul Gandhi had tweeted.

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Mr Rahul Gandhi, who turned 48 yesterday, has not deleted the tweet that has been re-tweeted by over 9,000 users.

"I issued notices to Gandhi and Twitter as they have disclosed the identity of victims," Pravin Ghuge, president of Maharashtra State Commission for Protection of Child Rights told news agency PTI.

Mumbai Congress President Sanjay Nirupam dismissed the notice. "The notice is nothing but bakwaas (nonsense). The notice should have been sent to the Maharashtra chief minister who has failed to protect the rights and dignity of children. 

Congress President Rahul Gandhi simply highlighted this sorry state of affairs," he said.


(Inputs From News Agency PTI)

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