Cricketer Hardik Pandya To Endorse Built–In Massager Backpack

Cricketer Hardik Pandya To Endorse Built–In Massager Backpack

Cricketer Hardik Pandya to endorse built–in massager backpack(File Image)

New Delhi: EUME's built-in massager backpack has roped in Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya as their brand ambassador.

The bags have been devised to allevate pain, rejuvenate and relax the back and shoulder muscles, the aptent for which is still pending in India and the US.
The bags also comprise in-built portable USB chargers for mobile devices as well as specially engineered anti-theft zippers.

Pandya issued a statement saying," As a cricketer, I travel a lot and it gets too stressful to be juggling with a fully loaded backpack on your shoulder. So, a product that goes beyond your conventional backpack was the need of the hour and EUME has helped filled that gap."

"It is a backpack that not just 'suits' you but also 'soothes' you."

EUME is a backpack brand founded by Sanjay Parekh and Naina Parekh, that aims to strike a chord with the urban population.

Naina and Sanjay Parekh said," We are extremely delighted to launch this one-of-a-kind backpack with a trendsetter like Hardik Pandya who has a strong connect with the millennial."

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"The backpack will serve as a hybrid between a 24-hour bag and a weekend bag and is versatile with a high longevity."

Nikhil Bardia, Head of Sponsorshop Sales, IMG Relaince which manage Pandya commented on the deal saying," Hardik represents the youth and the swag culture of our youngsters who are extremely conscious of the style and comfort in what they wear. In EUME's newly launched built-in massager backpack, we saw an instant correspondence between the brand Hardik Pandya and the product philosophy."

(Inputs From News Agency IANS)

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