Do's And Don'ts For Using Mobile Phone Safely


Do's And Don'ts For Using Mobile Phone Safely(Representational Image)

New Delhi: Your mobile phone works on radio waves. You might think, when your phone is kept inside your pocket it is not working. But actually it is sending out radio waves towards the antenna every few seconds. Constantly being surrounded by mobile phone or mobile phone tower can have long term effects on your health.

So here are some lifestyle changes you can make to reduce the exposure from mobile phones:

1. If you are one of those people, who sleep with your mobile phone switched ON next to the pillow, STOP doing that. Keep your mobile phone far from you. In case you are an alarm person, and need to keep your phone next to you. Make sure its on Airplane mode.

2. Do you have a habit of roaming around with your mobile phone in your pocket whole day? Well, you should avoid doing that. Don't keep it in contact with your body. Keep it in your bag, or the table. Don't keep it in your pocket. 
The manual for Blackberry and iPhone also say that you should keep a minimum of 15 mm distance between your body and your phone. This also means that it is wrong when you talk for hours with your mobile phone touching your ear. EVen the mobile phone companies are telling you to keep a minimum distance of 5/8th of an inch. So its best that you follow it.

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3. Don't make calls from the car.When you are inside a car or a train or an elevator, the metal sheet surrounding you acts like a microwave oven. The radio waves from the mobile phone, come back after hitting the walls which intensifies the radiation level inside the car/elevator/train.

4. You might have observed after a long call, your ear gets heated up. It means that the radio waves emitted by your phone are heating up the area around your ear, the skin, soft tissues like a microwave effect. SO try to keep your calls short. If you have to make long calls, better use wired headset, so that your phone stays at some distance from you. But remember not to use bluetooth, only wired headsets. If you have a landline, better use that. Even better if you use text messages instead of calling.

5. Also, don't give your phone to kids. Children have very soft bones around the skull. And these waves travel through the child's brain. Since, we are not yet sure about the long term effects of EMF radiations, it is better to keep the mobile phones away from children. Its better to be safe than sorry.

6. Don't use your phone When it has a weak signal. Because at that time your phone is radiating a lot. It is giving out lot of radio waves trying to find network. So it is advised that you don't use your phone when it has wek signal.


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