DU Admission 2018: Cut Off List For St Stephen's Announced

DU Admission 2018: Cut Off List For St Stephen

The campus of St Stephens

New Delhi: This year's admission race of DU has officially begun. The cut off list were debuted by St. Stephens. Economics has recieved the highest, followed by English and BA Programme and History. After the release of St. Stephens' cut off list, it is anticipated that the cut off for Commerce and Humanities stream courses will increase for other DU colleges. Whereas the science student may notice a decrease or same marks in the cut-off.
A general student needs 98.75% marks for admission in BA Economics from Commerce, those belonging to Humanities needs  98% and for Science stream the cut off is 97.5%. Last year's  cut off list for a commerce student seeking admssion in BA Economics was 98.5% .


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BA Programme's cut-off list for a commerce stream's general student is 98%, for humanities it is  95.5% and 98% for students from Science stream. 

St Stephens which is famous for undergraduate course in English the cut off percentage for general students from Commerce stream is same as last year, i.e. 98.5%, same as last year. There is no change in the cut of list for Science stream at 98%. But in case of humanities, the cut off has increased  from 97.25% in 2017 to 97.5% in 2018. 

Students seeking admission in BA History, the Commerce student's cut off has increased from 97.5%  to 98% this year. There was an increase in the cut off list for Humanities by 0.5% to 96.5% and for Science stream, it has increased by 1% to 98% for general students. 

For B.Sc. courses the cut off has increased for B.Sc. Physics from 96.66 in 2017 to 97.33% in 2018 and decreased in the case of B.Sc. Chemistry from 96.33% in 2017 to 96% in 2018. 

This year's cut off list has decreased for B.Sc. Programme, The students that have Physics, Chemistry, and Maths in 10+2, the cut off was 95% in last year and has decreased to 94.66% this year. However, the cut off list has remained the same as last year for students with Physics, Computer Science, and Mathematics i.e. 95.66%. 

BA Mathematics' cut off list has increased by 0.5%. 97.5% is the cut off list for Commerce stream students, for Humanities it is 96.5% and for Science stream it is 97.5%. 

Students seeking admission in BA Philosophy, the cut off for commerce student is 97% ,for humanities it is 95% and 95.5% for students from Science stream. The cut off list for BA Sanskrit is 65%.



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