DU Admissions 2018: There May Be No Second Cut Off List In Some Colleges

DU Admissions 2018: There May Be No Second Cut Off List In Some Colleges

DU Admissions 2018: There May Be No Second Cut Off List In Some Colleges

New Delhi: The first round of admissions at Delhi University came to a close on Thursday. The students who didn’t make it to the first round would certainly be eyeing the second round. The list for the second cut off will be released on June 25.

This year, more applications have been approved in the first two days of admission than it ever did in the three days, last year. Hence, the scenario is that some prominent colleges may even not issue a second list for certain subjects.

That being said, there are still other options for students, particulatrly in the off campus, but the cut off percentage in the second cut-off will not drop by more than one percent.

At some off-campus colleges like Laxmibai, admission to less than 10% of the seats has been approved and the principal expects a “definite” second list for all courses.

At Kalindi College, only 111 admissions have been done. The college has around 1,000 seats. “We are likely to issue a second list for most of the courses,” said a member of college admission committee.

Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, which had set the highest cutoff for Journalism (H) this year, is expected to release a second list for all courses, except for Political Science (H) for general category students.

“First list is usually a little on the higher side. But even in the second list, the cutoff will not drop by more than 2 marks (0.5 percentage points),” said Rajeev Chopra, the principal.

Those looking for a South Campus college may also have some options at Kamala Nehru College, according to principal Kalpana Bhakuni.

She said that while a second list is unlikely for BA programme and B.Com, they will be announcing a second list for almost all other courses. “The dip will be only by a conservative margin — around 0.25 to 0.5, as the first cutoffs were “realistic”.

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Courses like Geography (H), History (H), Sociology (H), Political Science (H), and Psychology (H), is expected to get filled in the second list, and a third list seems unlikely for these subjects ,” said Bhakuni.

Indraprastha College and Hansraj College and some other North campus colleges are also expected to announce a second cut off list for all of its courses.

Also, only 75 seats have been approved in IP College in two days, while the college has around 1,105 seats in total. While Hansraj has also approved only 119 admissions out of the total of 1,100 seats.

The principal of Hans Raj, Rama said, “We will issue second list for all courses with dip of 0.25 to 1 percentage points.”

The students can still keep their hopes alive, even if the seats get filled in the first list, because there can be possible withdrawls and transfers in the second list, which might led to reopening of some courses in third list.

Even if the seats get filled in the first list, with possible withdrawals and transfers in the second list, the courses may reopen in the third list, as explained by the principal of Madhu Pruthi, the principal of Keshav Mahavidyala.

The principal of Keshav Mahavidyala, Madhu Pruthi,“We have around 500 total seats. In the first list students usually secure a seat. But after second and third list, students do withdraw admissions and that leads to opening of admissions in some courses.”


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