Everything you need to know about Vishnu Khare

Everything you need to know about Vishnu Khare

Everything you need to know about Vishnu Khare

New Delhi: Prominent hindi poet, skilled journalist and film critic took his last breath on 19 september,2018 at GB Pant hospital in Delhi. 
Khare was admitted to the hospital a week ago, spending much of his stay in ICU, after a severe brain haemorrhage. Since then, his condition remained critical. 
He was a famous journalist, a bilingual writer,hindi poet,literary and film critic, translator and scriptwriter. He served as the Programme Secretary of 
Sahitya Akademi,taught english literature at university level, the National Academy of Letters in India and was editor of the Hindi daily 
"Navbharat Times" in Jaipur,lucknow and New Delhi. 


Vishnu Khare published five collections of poetry, Pathantar (2008) being his latest, and a book of criticism Alochana kee Pahlee Kitaab. 
He had been a prolific translator in Hindi, English, German and other European and Asian languages. Also, he translated TS Eilot's poems 
(renowned british poet) into hindi.

Awards and Honors


Khare was recipient of abundant nawards and honors, including an Order of the White Rose of Finland for his Hindi translation of the national epic of Finland, 
Kalevala. He had alsp been awarded Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana, IV Class by Government of Estonia for his Hindi translation of the national epic of Estonia, 
Kalevipoeg.He has been glorified with many prestigious Hindi literary awards like the Rahguveer Sahay Samman, Maithilisharan Gupt Samman as well as the 
Shikhar Samman.

Tribute to Vishnu Khare by journalists and poets

Independent journalist Kuldeep Kumar told National Herald, “I met Vishnu Khare in December 1973. He had returned from the then Czechoslovakia after spending over 
two years there. He had brought a good collection of LP records of western classical music. He had already made his name as a poet while I was trying to learn the
ropes. As I came to know him better, I realised that he was deeply interested in music of all kinds— Western classical, Indian classical and Hindi film music. 
Among Hindi writers, only Vijaymohan Singh could be compared to him insofar as knowledge and appreciation of Hindi films and their music are concerned. Later he 
reviewed films for Navbharat Times and The Pioneer for several years. His stature as a Hindi poet and critic is well known. As Resident Editor and Acting Executive
 Editor of Navbharat Times, he showed exemplary courage in the face of pressure from Hindu communalists and paid the price. He was an extraordinarily talented person 
and a very warm and caring friend. I am terribly upset at his sudden demise. I met him briefly on September 9. Who knew that it would prove to be our last meeting?”
Famous Hindi poet and critic Ashok Vajpeyi condoled Khare’s demise in a post on his Facebook page. “In the sad demise of Vishnu Khare, Hindi has lost one of its most 
fearless and courageous poet-critics who always stood by truth and justice as he saw them. His poetry explored with rare skill and deep human empathy the scantily 
noticed urban life in all its suffering, inequities and humanness. A keen and critical observer of the creative expansiveness of the younger generation, Vishnu Khare 
both through his critical writings and journalism remained a committed writer. He had deep understanding of the politics of our times, its many contradictions and 
layers and assessed it sharply from the viewpoint of freedom, equality and justice. The intensity and human depth of his vision, his creative and critical concerns 
and his constant interrogativeness made him a bold writer and commentator on current situation of literature, culture and politics. He sometimes took to exaggeration 
but never concealed or sidelined the truth as he saw it. In his poetry, the distance between verse and prose more or less was bridged.”

The Raza Foundation deeply mourned aon the demise of Vishnu Khare, “who worked in English translation of Muktibodh’s poetry under a Raza Fellowship. 
The loss is a grievous blow to the democratic community of writers and readers of literature in the country”.

“My beloved and one of the greatest Hindi poets Vishnu Khare is no more. He died a few hours back in Delhi after suffering from stroke a few days back.
 He was recently made Upadhaksha of Hindi Academy, Delhi, tweeted NBT journalist Sunder Chand, who also posted a video of Khare reciting poetry.

Vishnu Khare will always be remembered for his contribution in literature and journalism. The leading light of hindi literature leaves the world poore by his going. 

May his soul rest in peace!


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