Festival Special: Tips To Make Your Home Festive Ready

Festival Special: Tips To Make Your Home Festive Ready

New Delhi: Your house defines a large amount of your personality. Every designs, colours and artifacts, in your house, says a lot about you. Festive season is coming, and this festive season make sure to keep these poinst in mind while decorating your home. 

yes De-clutter or re-arrange: Festivals mean an inflow of guests, which often leads to space constraints. Take out some time and start to de-clutter your premises. Get rid of the unwanted clutter and let your space breathe; replace old with new. In addition to de cluttering, don't forget to rearrange. Move your furniture around. This will bring in a change and make your space look bigger

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yes Manual vs mechanical: Most people miss achieving 100 per cent cleanliness as they stick to conventional and physically intensive methods of cleaning. The trick is to decide when to opt for manual cleaning and when one must bring vacuum cleaners into play. Remember to use the vacuum cleaner to clean hard-to-reach places such as carpets, space below the beds, windows and grills and other crevices

yes No painful bending, no backaches: According to doctors, 70 per cent of Indian women suffer from back problems by the age of 40, due to daily household chores, including sweeping and swabbing. This is where new-age upright and handheld cleaners come as saviors. They are powerful and lightweight, convertible multi surface vacuum cleaners, which can also be converted to handheld cordless, vacuum cleaners.

yes Opt for an eco-friendly clean: This festive season, choose steam cleaners fortified with a chemical-free cleaning process that eliminates viruses and bacteria completely, helping you keep your home sparkling clean and healthy.

Have a happy and healthy festive season!!

(Inputs from news agency IANS)

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