Fugitive Jeweller Nirav Modi Showed 20,000 Pounds A Month Payslip, To UK Court

Fugitive Jeweller Nirav Modi Showed 20,000 Pounds A Month Payslip, To UK Court


Nirav Modi Showed 20,000 Pounds A Month Payslip To UK Court

New Delhi: Nirav Modi, fraud-accused jeweller was arrested on Tuesday, told a UK court today that he was working in London for a salary of 20,000 pounds, or Rs. 18 lakh, a month. The court is hearing India's request for the extradition of Nirav Modi, who is wanted in a Rs. 13,000 crore bank scam. 

The Court had denied bail to the billionaire, which will hear the case again on March 29. The Metropolitan court judge said that,  "Remanding you in custody given the high value of amount involved in the allegations and the access you may have to means of escape," and added,  "I have substantial grounds to believe that you may fail to surrender."

The 48 year old Nirav Modi had offered to pay 500,000 pounds for his bail, insisting that he would cooperate fully with the investigation. But he will stay in Scotland Yard's custody for now.

The jeweler also showed salary slips of 20,000 pounds, and evidence that he was paying tax. He also showed a National Insurance (NI) number.

In his defence, Nirav Modi said he had arrived in the UK in January last year, before he was accused of any crime. Contesting India's extradition request, he said he was in Britain lawfully.

Nirav Modi also said his son had been in school in London for the last five years, that he was working there and attending an education course, and that he was a regular tax payer.

The diamond seller's lawyer also showed his employment pass, Hong Kong bank ID card and other bank cards. He submitted his travel documents to prove that he did not intend to run away.

The Court was told that he has been living in Apartment 42, 1010 on New Oxford Street.

Earlier, the Telegraph newspaper had reported that he had started a diamond business in Soho after acquiring necessary permits.