Great Weekend For Lady Gaga, Both Grammy And BAFTA In The House

Great Weekend For Lady Gaga, Both Grammy And BAFTA In The House

Great Weekend For Lady Gaga, Both Grammy And BAFTA In The House

New Delhi: The weekend was amazing for Lady Gaga as she bagged awards Lady Gaga went on the stage thrice at the recently concluded Grammys in Los Angeles, and hence, she had to miss the BAFTA awards in London, where A Star Is Born won Best Original Music. 

Overwhelmed with the big wins, the 32-year-old pop sensation put out tweets thanking fans for the honours and also hoping only if she could be at two places at once. "I can't believe we just won Best Original Music BAFTAs. I wish so much I was there but am at the Grammy's to show them our love as well. We made a film about music. This means the world to me. Thank you to all our fans we love you so much, we wouldn't be here without you," she tweeted earlier on Sunday.

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Lady Gaga was clearly crying tears of joy after her first win at the Grammys, which was for Shallow from the musical drama A Star Is Born. She won in the the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category along with her co-star Bradley Cooper. "I'm not gonna be able to wear any makeup tonight. We just won our first of Grammy nominations for the night. I'm in tears with honor and gratitude. Thank you Recording Academy, Grammy and my co-writers and Bradley, I love you so much, thank you."


Lady Gaga's second Grammy win of the night was for Joanne (Where Do You Think You're Goin'?), which made her all the more emotional: "A Grammy for Joanne is more than me and my family could ever dream of. I sang that version in one take, and poured my entire life and soul into it. Thank you so much for this gift. I am completely shocked. 2nd Grammy win of the night I am so overwhelmed by this kindness." Shallow also fetched a Grammy for in the Best Song Written For Visual Media for co-writers Lady Gaga and Badley Cooper.

Lady Gaga also delivered a powerful speech on mental health awareness at the Grammys and here's an excerpt: "...I just want to say I'm so proud to be a part of a movie that addresses mental health issues. They're so important... A lot of artists deal with that. And we got to take care of each other. So, if you see somebody that's hurting, don't look away. And if you're hurting, even though it might be hard, try to find that bravery within yourself to dive deep and go tell somebody and take them up in your head with you."

Meanwhile, country music sensation Kacey Musgraves won Album Of The Year for Golden Hour over Drake, Brandi Carlile, Cardi B, H.E.R and Janelle Monae. Childish Gambino winning both Song Of The Year and Record Of The Year for the politically charged This Is America was a pleasant surprise.