How To Look Your Best This Monsoon

How To Look Your Best This Monsoon

How To Look Your Best This Monsoon

New Delhi: Do you love the smell of rain and growing things? Congratulations then, as monsoon is just around the corner.

Looking for monsoon outfit ideas in the explore section of Instagram? Let’s solve your problem so that you can look the best version of yourself this monsoon.

Go Short

Shorts, Skirts, Short dresses will be your best friend this season. A short skirt with flares will look as amazing as the green leaves of this season. Don’t wanna leave that favorite denim?  Cut it short to make DIY shorts.

Wear your cute short skirt with a top, pick your favorite loafers. You can find a trendy umbrella to complete the look.

Long and Comfy

Can’t wear shorts and skirts, still wanna look nice? Many of us can’t wear super short dresses due to many reasons which can be our hairy legs because we were too lazy to get them waxed or some of us are not comfortable wearing them, reasons may vary.

Whatever the reason is we got the solution for it.

Markets are flooded with Plazo, Culotte pants. You can pair them with a crop top. Trust me this looks extremely modish or you can try a floral printed maxi dress, pair it with colorful flip flops, put your hair in a high ponytail, as they may irritate you this season and you will be good to go. Who said it is necessary to wear a red short body hugging dress to look pretty. Try this break the myth and thank me later.

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Fabrics and Colors

Choose light breathable fabrics such as Cotton and Nylons. Do not wear thick fabrics such as Denim and Velvet as they take longer time to get dry.

When it  comes to choosing colors for monsoon. Choose outfit in dark colors because it may rain when you will be out flaunting your dress and obviously your skin.

Footwear Demands Casualness

Chuck those boots and heels, discover the world of flip flops. They will be way more comfortable in case you have to walk in rain.

Accessory is the Key

Right accessories can make or break your outfit. Invest in a branded waterproof watch and a pair of goggles which will be helping you to rock your outfit. Simple hoop earrings will go with almost everything you wear.

Experiment with hair bands and bandanas. These are really helpful when you’ll be having a bad hair day, plus they add a sudden glam to your outfit.

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