How To Persuade Your Boss To Start Letting You Work Remotely?

How To Persuade Your Boss To Start Letting You Work Remotely?

New Delhi: It’s actually happening. MY one friend after another is remarking on how he or she can “worked from home”. They claim they do so much work, and it’s a great way to mix up the office routine. Making calls is easier and also zoning out on tasks that require a lot of focus and not a lot of distraction.

Suddenly you wonder why you’re not practicing this on occasion or even regularly. Wouldn’t your boss be all for it if he knew how much you’d accomplish?
How ferociously productive you’d be?

How can you convince someone who thinks that this is a foreign concept, best for contract employees? 
It's not easy, but with little finesse and a proven track record you can make it happen.

Depending on what type of person you’re dealing with and what his or her hesitations are, here are four ways you can approach this often tricky subject. 

1.If he/she really likes video chatting
You have your twice-weekly one-on-ones, and aside from that, your boss prefers striking up for a face-to-face conversation to chatting. He even avoid your 
headphones when he’s got something to ask you. Working remotely is not something he prefers to do, and so he can’t understand why you’d want to do it either. 
This type of boss is going to take some time to convince, because he likes in-person communication best.
You should avoid emailing your request and instead initiate a face-to-face discussion.
 And let him know,"I really value our chats about work projects throughout the day the day, so I’d make sure I’m still completely available—email, chat, phone.
 Let me know how that sounds to you and if we can test it out.” 
It’s unlikely that he’ll start calling you after every hour of the day that you work remotely, but giving him the options to get in touch however he prefers 
will bat least put his mind at ease. 

2.If he/she Is skeptical
True story: Once my friend told me she had a boss who bluntly told her that she wouldn’t allow her reports to work from home because she didn’t “trust them”, 
she didn’t think they’d actually work. She noded her head and tried to persuade her otherwise; they were adults, after all. Whatever assignments and work they had to
complete, they’d get done—or have to face the consequences. How could she not understand this?
Unfortunately, I know she’s not the only person who's skeptical about what her employees might do should they be given a little freedom every now and then. 
If this sounds like your boss, why don't you send them an email along these lines:

Hello [Name of Boss],

In the past when the subject of working for home has come up, I know you’ve been suspicious about it working for your team. 
I want to do this to show you that working from home on occasion will actually enable me to be quite productive, in some ways or other, 
more than being in the office. It’s not something I’d want to do regulalrly. I genuinely enjoy being in my house but it's an option that I’d like to take 
Will you be open to give it a try? I’d be more than happy to have a couple of check-in calls throughout the day if that’d help. 
And, since it's a huge adjustment, I will also be sure to let you know when I’m going offline, even if it’s for 10 minutes to drink a tea.
Let me know what you think about it.

Thank You
[Your Name]

3.If he/she micromanage
He likes to know what and when you’re doing, since you always work side by side, he’s got a good idea of your day-to-day work. He knows that when he throws a new and
important task your path, you’re going to complete it ASAP. And then he figure out you can complete the less timely project, sending him for approvalas.
If he’s not asking you for daily email updates, then he’s sending you a list of what he wants you to work on.
Just start with one specific day so you don’t scare him. The email should look like this:

Hello[Name of Boss],

I wanted to speak to you about the possibility of working from home on Monday. I’ve got family coming into my home that night, and if I can save myself the commute 
and get work done during that 120 minutes, I’m confident that would provide me a more productive day.I’ll even get an early start on [name of project].
The next best option would be to email at the end of the day with a list of my works in progress and what I am planning to accomplish the following week?
That way, if there are any deviations or anything you want me to tackle first thing on Monday, you can be sure to let me know.

Thank You,
[Your Name]

4. If he/she stresses about being too easygoing
If this is the reason you suspect your boss's hesitation to give you permission then you have it pretty good. It will not take a lot of time in convincing him.
Many bosses have difficulty drawing the thin line between being friendly and developing camaraderie with people to manage and make sure that they are respected and taken seriously. Young bosses, especially,make a point to be firm and not seem too lenient so as not to taken advantage of.
It’s your job to prove him that you respect your boss and want to do good work for him, regardless of the place. Always make a point of expressing your 
interest in contributing to the team’s overall success. Here’s an email to get you started:

Hello[Name of Boss],

I am so impressed with the way you always lead department meeting. I am up for the projects that our team is going to be responsible for this week. The goals are definitely aggressive, but I know you wouldn’t suggest anything that's harsh and impossible. I’m going to get started with [name of item], but in meanwhile, if there’s anything I can do to help with another facet of the project, please keep me updated! Speaking of [name of item], I think it’ll take a good amount of research, and I’d love to have some alone time and space to really focus and study about it. What do you think about me working from home one day every other week?
I am looking forward to your thoughts.

Thank You,
[Your Name]

The essential thing is no matter what type of boss you have all you have to do is demonstrate reliability and thoroughness. If you never forget to do something while you’re in your office, you really can’t afford to forget while you’re working from home. It’s quite possible that your boss isn't on this practice because it've been backfired on him in the past. Prove him that he’s not making a mistake by giving you his utmost trust.


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