Fresh Directive To BJP On NaMo TV By Delhi Chief Electoral Officer

Fresh Directive To BJP On NaMo TV By Delhi Chief Electoral Officer

Fresh Directive To BJP On NaMo TV By Delhi Chief Electoral Officer 

New Delhi: The BJP has been directed by the chief electoral officer in Delhi, not to air any content on its advertising platform NaMo TV without getting it certified by the relevant authority.

The directive comes two days after the Election Commission of India gave an order that all recorded programs displayed on NaMo TV, which satellite-TV service providers called a "special advertising service", be barred unless it is pre-certified.

On Thursday, the election commission had said that since NaMo TV was sponsored by the BJP, all recorded programs shown on the platform must be pre-certified by the media certification and monitoring committee of Delhi.

The election commission had also ordered that all political publicity content shown on NaMo TV without pre-certification be removed immediately.

The Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi, after the election commission's directive had written to the Bharatiya Janata Party to ensure that all political content which was not approved be removed with immediate effect across all DTH platforms which telecast NaMo TV.

"As a precautionary measure, two officials have been deployed to watch NaMo TV and monitor its content," officials said.

An official said political parties usually submit audio-visual content for pre-certification, without specifying on which platform it will be aired. He said, the content may be aired during an election rally or even on the party's official website and social media accounts.

A complaint has been filed by the Congress party with the election commission, saying that the NaMo TV service was disturbing the level playing field at the time of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The election commission took note of the Congress's complaint and asked the Delhi CEO to file a report on the issue.

The Delhi CEO had approved the logo of NaMo TV, which the BJP said was part of the NaMo App that it owns, but did not "certify" the content as it contained old speeches of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

(With inputs from news agency PTI)