Violence Only In Bengal In All Six Phases Of Polls: Amit Shah

Violence Only In Bengal In All Six Phases Of Polls: Amit Shah

Violence Only In Bengal In All Six Phases Of Polls: Amit Shah

New  Delhi: The President of the BJP, Amit Shah accused West Bengal's ruling Trinamool Congress of indulging in violence in the state and alleged that the Election Commission has been a "mute spectator".

The Election Commission will hold a review meeting with observers and Kolkata chief electoral officers for the last phase of Lok Sabha polls on May 19. This decision comes a day after BJP and Trinamool Congress workers fought pitched battles on streets of Kolkata during a massive road show by saffron party president Amit Shah.

The violence between the two party workers started on Tuesday evening at the gates of Calcutta University. Some students in the campus allegedly shouted anti-BJP slogans and BJP supporters rushed at them with rods. In order to prevent the clash, the Policemen had to step in.

Here's the top points: 

1. Six phases of elections are over and there have been no incidents of violence anywhere except West Bengal.

2. I want to tell Mamata Banerjee that she is fighting on 42 seats, BJP is fighting in all the states.
If only Bengal is facing violence, Trinamool is to be blamed for it. 

3. PM Modi's posters have been torn, My posters were torn, yet BJP workers were calm.

4. The roadshow started and support was overwhelming. There were so many people and it was a peacefully rally. 

5. On Vidyasagar statue allegation, we were outside.

6. Who went inside to break the statue? TMC workers were inside. So who broke it?  

7. The sort of public support we have seen in Bengal for the BJP shows what people want.
60 political activists have been killed in Panchayat polls in Bengal. Nowhere else has such a thing has happened.

8. I also want to say that Election Commissioner has turned into a mute spectator. They should actively intervene 

9. I just want to say if CRPF was not there, I could not have survived the violence  

10. If Mamata Banerjee has nothing to hide, a probe should be ordered into the violence.
This is not violence, This is an attack.