Karnataka: "Operation Kamala" Accusation Against BJP Resurfaces

Karnataka: "Operation Kamala" Accusation Against BJP Resurfaces

Karnataka: "Operation Kamala" Accusation Against BJP Resurfaces(file image)

New Delhi: The BJP has been accussed by the Congress and HD Kumaraswamy's JDS of allegedly trying to to destabilise its three-month-old alliance government in Karnataka by attempting to poach on its lawmakers.  Sa Ra Mahesh, JDS leader and minister has told reporters that the BJP has been trying to pull another "Operation Kamala". This is a term coined in 2008 when the Bhartiya Janata Party, three seats short of majority, had managed to secure support of lawmakers from rival parties and form the government.

Dinesh Gundu Rao, State party chief has warned that such a move will invite retaliation. "If they do it we will not sit quietly. Two BJP MLAs are in touch with us and five with the JDS," Mr Gundu Rao told reporters on Wednesday.

S Praksh, BJP co-spokesperson has dismissed the Congress allegations, saying "Dinesh Gundu Rao is making wild and baseless allegations against the BJP. If Congress MLAs are not satisfied, it is Congress's responsibility to hold the flock together".  Mr Gundu Rao was also challenged by him to name the BJP leaders who have been in touch with the ruling alliance.

The Bhartiya Janata Party's alleged bid to gain power comes as their arch nemesis Congress and Mr Kumaraswamy's JDS announced that they would contest next year's Lok Sabha polls together. This is anticipated to affect party's performance in the state.

The insiders at the Bhartiya Janata party have however said that the party's Central leadership has sent out a message that engineering the fall of the HD Kumaraswamy government is not an option now. Amit Shah, the BJP chief  has asked the party's state unit "not to create any confusion" and instead stick to playing the role of the opposition sincerely.

According to the sources, the idea was pitched by state party chief BS Yeddyurappa at the BJP's National Executive meeting last week. But it got turned down.

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The top BJP leadership maintains that what they call an "alliance of convenience" between the Congress and the JDS, will topple on its own, sources said.

Since day one, the deep differences within the Congress and Mr Kumaraswamy's party have been manifest. It had held up the cabinet formation for almost two weeks, with state leaders of the Congress vying for seats with the JDS.

The factionalism within the Congress has also lent support to the BJP's view. Initially there were differences over the post of the Deputy Chief Minister, which had gone to the Congress under the terms of alliance with Mr Kumaraswamy.

While the party's candidate for the post was G Parameshwara, senior leader DK Sivakumar had made no secret of his ambitions. Mr Sivakumar was eventually given a cabinet berth with the education portfolio, a crucial one in the state.

But last week, a small local-level election brought out the faultlines in the party again.  

The election to the Belgavi Primary Land Development Bank was won by a candidate backed by Laxmi Hebbalkar, chief of the state Congress women's cell. It infuriated the powerful local leaders of the party, the Jharkaholi brothers, who had also fielded candidates.

The close relationship between Ms Hebbalkar and DK Sivakimar was pointed out.The Jharkaholi brothers have alleged that DK Sivakumar was trying to extend his dominance over what they consider their backyard.

Mr Gundu Rao admitted that there are "certain issues" in the party, but assured that "we will sort them out".

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