Khaleesi Bids A Fairwell To Game Of Thrones

Khaleesi Bids A Fairwell To Game Of Thrones

Khaleesi Bids A Fairwell To Game Of Thrones

New Delhi: Emilia Clarke, the actress who plays the role of Khaleesi in famous TV show, Game Of Thrones, took to Instagram to pen a farewell note to fantasy series "Game of Thrones" after wrapping up production of the final season.

As per the reports of, the 31 year old actress, thanked the show for letting her live the life she had "never dreamed she would be able to live" and said she would "never stop missing the GoT family" in the emotional post.

 Lying on a bed of flowers, Clarke went make-up free for the candid selfie.

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The onscreen "Khaleesi" is seen wearing a suede baseball cap and a navy faux-fur hooded coat, the actress captioned the image,"Hopped on a boat to an island to say goodbye to the land that has been my home away from home for almost a decade

"It's been a trip 'Game of Thrones' thank you for the life I never dreamed I'd be able to live and the family I'll never stop missing."

The actress stars as the powerful Daenerys Targaryen on the hit series HBO series for seven years. And despite production being complete, the final season will premiere in 2019.


(Inputs from news agency IANS)

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