Know An Alternative For Water, Just In Case You Need It

Know An Alternative For Water, Just In Case You Need It

New Delhi: Yes, you read that right, an alternative for water. If you think about it, a replacement for water would end up rendering all these activists , initiatives and countless campaigns futile. Why fight to conserve something that keeps you alive when you can just replace it.

The extent of water available on earth is 70% out of this 2.5% is fresh water and roughly 1% is easily accessible (this includes ground water and trapped water underneath, the other 1.5% is trapped in glaciers and ice caps which are quickly melting and mixing with salty seawater) about 50-60% of a human body consists of water mostly in cells which need regular replenishment.


The human body is dependent on water because it's made of water, replacing water with an alternative would mean finding an alternative organic matter which is not
dependent on water. Two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen cannot be
derived in any other manner. Ammonia, methane and ethane in liquid form have been found to be plausible hypothetical alternatives for water only if you;re willing to switch to silicon for basic structural and metabolic functions of your body.


Some dolts might joke about replacing water with alcoholic beverages, now that hydration regime might work until you're too hungover to go to work the very next
day, and to overcome that you end up drinking twice the usual amount of water ultimately wasting more than you aimed to save.


Water is an indispensable resource completely necessary for human survival, it
cannot be replaced. So please consider every drop to be precious and Save before its too late. 

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