Kuldeep Singh Sengar On Unnao Survivor, "Pray To God For Her Recovery"

Kuldeep Singh Sengar On Unnao Survivor, "Pray To God For Her Recovery"

Kuldeep Singh Sengar On Unnao Survivor, "Pray To God For Her Recovery" 

New Delhi: The politician, who was accused of raping a teen from Unnao and then attempting to eliminate her through a road accident, Kuldeep Sengar has said the accusations are politically motivated. "I pray to god that she recovers," he told journalists outside the Sitapur Jail, where he was quizzed by the officials of the Central Bureau of Investigation before being shifted to Delhi for the trial.

Since the accident on July 28, the survivor and her lawyer are admitted in a hospital in Lucknow. The doctors have said her condition remains critical as she has developed pneumonia. However, the victim's lawyer has been taken off ventilator support, but he is still not out of danger.

The allegations of team's family around the accident has engineered it, triggered outrage in the country and brought the two-year-old case under the spotlight again.

The teen's plea to fast-tract the case was heard by the Supreme Court, a murder case was lodged against Kuldeep Sengar, and the lawmaker who had been in jail for a year, was expelled from the BJP.  "I have faith in God, the high Court and the CBI," Kuldeep Sengar told reporters today. "I have faith in you too, you can get me justice," he added.

The Supreme Court has ordered that the CBI investigation into the car crash must be completed within a week and the trial in all five cases, including the rape case, must end within 45 days.

The agency said that it has conducted searches in around 20 places across four districts - Lucknow, Unnao, Banda and Fatehpur - connected with the accused.

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The accident took place last week and claimed the life of two of her aunts dead. The teen and her lawyer suffered serious injuries. The family was on its way to the district jail in Rae Bareli to meet her uncle, when their car had a head-on collision with a truck. Her uncle is serving a life sentence in a separate case.

The family's allegation about Kuldeep Sengar's involvement in the accident gathered steam after it turned out that the number plates of the truck which rammed the car, had its number plates defaced with black paint. The mystery deepened as discrepancies surfaced over the driver's explanation that plates were defaced to stop it being spotted by the firm that gave loan for the vehicle, since they had defaulted on the payments.

Kuldeep Sengar, a four-time legislator who represents Bangermau in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly was accused of sexually assaulting the girl in 2017, when she went to his house to seek a job.

The case made headlines last year, when the girl and her mother attempted to immolate themselves in front of the house of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath last year. 

The rape survivor's father died in judicial custody, arrested for allegedly possessing illegal arms. Before the arrest, he was beaten up by Atul Sengar, the brother of Kuldeep Sengar, and his men. Atul Sengar has also been arrested and accused of murder.

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