List Of The Things We Love About Summers

List Of The Things We Love About Summers

List Of The Things We Love About Summers

New Delhi: Who doesn't love Summers. There are many things we love about the season. Here's the list of things we that abosolutely best about it. 

So here is the list of the things that summer brings with it:

Summer brings the best fruits with it like mango, litchi,watermelon, melon, peach, Pear, stawberry, Plums, Papaya, Pineapple, Kiwi. All these fruits are very healthy and helps you to be hydrated through out the day. So choose your favourite food and enjoy.

Summer Holidays:
The best part of summer is the summer holidays. Children keep waiting for the holidays throughout the year. For many people, it’s the nostalgia of the good ol’ days. 

Chilled Beverages:
In summers drinking cold beverages is a bliss. We just want to sit infront of the Air conditioner or cooler and sip our favourite drink like shakes, cold coffee, Cold drinks, squashes, lassi and many other.

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Water Games:
Going to the water places in the holidays like pools, water parks, splashes and if it rains it is the best thing.

Summer Clothes:
In summer the clothes are breezy and of light colours. YOu can wear Hot pants, skirts, floral dresses. The dresses can be accompained with beautiful hats and caps, sunglasses.

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