Madhya Pradesh: Congress Presses Cow Button On Election Machine

Madhya Pradesh: Congress Presses Cow Button On Election Machine

Madhya Pradesh: Congress Presses Cow Button On Election Machine 

New Delhi: In order to regain power in Madhya Pradesh, the opposition Congress is going all out. Madhya Pradesh is a state where the Congress party has been defeated by it's arch nemesis BJP, for three consecutive terms. The opposition party, which has been claiming huge anti-incumbency in the state, is walking in the footsteps of the ruling party.

The election for the state is due by the end of this year and Congress has added dollops of religion to its strategy for it. The Congress leaders are making a beeline for temples during their ongoing mass contact programme. They party has now added a cow protection on its to-do list.

The party's Madhya Pradesh election in-charge, Kamal Nath led the way on Sunday, at a rally in Ganjbasoda, Vidisha district. "Look at the condition of cows... They (the BJP) always keep talking about the cows but do nothing for them. If we are voted to power, we will construct a gaushala (cow shelter) in every Panchayat".

The Bhartiya Janata Party inaugurated a first-of-its-kind sanctuary for cows in the state, has been more amused than offended.  Dr Hitesh Bajpai, the Party spokesperson said, "It is good that they are now remembering the gau mata. They organised beef parties and they know nothing about the social and economic importance of the cow". Then in a dig at Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, he added, "They perform yagna while wearing shoes."

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Congress defended it's stand, as one meant to address the problem of stray cattle and denied the involvement of politics in it. Shobha Ojha, the Congress spokesperson said it is a "matter of faith". "Look at the condition of the Gau Mata. They are eating plastic and dying," she said.

In Madhya Pradesh, the population of cattle is over 90 lakh, however, only around 1.5 lakh cows are taken care of, and there are 604 registered cow shelters in the state. That means nearly an equal number of cow roam free on roads.

In the BJP ruled state there has been a rise in Cow vigilantism. In the various parts of the state, several instances of people being beaten to death have been reported. The last case took place in May, in Ujjain, when a man died after a severe thrashing by a mob suspected of slaughtering cattle.

Last year, a similar incident was witnessed in the area. In a widely circulated video, a group was seen punching and kicking a thin young man, demanding angrily whether he would slaughter a cow again. It was slates as a case of personal enmity, by the police.


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