Madhya Pradesh: Fire Scare At Rahul Gandhi's Rally As 'Aarti' Goes Wrong

Madhya Pradesh: Fire Scare At Rahul Gandhi

Madhya Pradesh: Fire Scare At Rahul Gandhi's Rally As 'Aarti' Goes Wrong 

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi, Congress chief had a narrow escape from a freak fire that broke out during a rally in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Mr Gandhi had held an 8 km roadshow yesterday in the state, where assembly elections will be held on November 28.

The video shows the sudden blaze as a group of enthusiastic supporters brought a heavy multi-tiered "dia" (lamp) to conduct an aarti of Rahul Gandhi. The visuals show that the flames touched a bunch of gas balloons that happened to be overhead and huge tongue of fire shot up.

The fire was put out in seconds, however it triggered panic and the people nearby ran for cover.

The chief of Congress and his party colleague Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia who were in an open jeep a few meters away, were safe.

However, Amit Singh, the superintendent of Police denied any security lapse. "They were Congress workers... The mandatory 15 feet distance was very much there and there was no lathi-charge ... nowhere is it mentioned in the blue book that workers can't hold balloons and perform aarti," he said.

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There have been frequent allegations of lapses in the security of Rahul Gandhi, who is one of the country's most-protected leaders.

The Congress, in April had alleged "intentional tampering" of the plane carrying the leader to a political rally in Karnataka and had demanded an investigation.

The party, in their complaint said that the aircraft had plunged, listed dangerously to one side and shuddered violently despite the clear weather.

A detailed inquiry has been ordered by the government, in this matter.

Previously the president of Congress' security issue had ripples in parliament as the Congress highlighted a stone-pelting attack on him in Gujarat.

The Union Home minister Rajnath Singh, in his response had accused Mr Gandhi of violating security protocol on multiple occasions.

Over two years, Mr Singh said that the Congress leader had carried out 121 planned and unplanned tours. On at least 100 occasions, he did not use a bullet-proof vehicle.

The Congress Chief went on foreign tours and informed the SPG at the eleventh hour, creating problems for the officers. Over 2016 and 2017, Rahul Gandhi went on six foreign visits which lasted 72 days. Mr Singh had told the Lok Sabha, he did not take along his SPG cover on these occasions.


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