#MeToo Movement: RSS Number 3 Dattatreya Hosabale Tweets In Support Of The Campaign

#MeToo Movement: RSS Number 3 Dattatreya Hosabale Tweets In Support Of The Campaign

#MeToo Movement: RSS Number 3 Dattatreya Hosabale Tweets In Support Of The Campaign 

New Delhi: The RSS has finally given out its first response on the ongoing #MeToo movement that exposes cases of sexual harassment in workplaces. The Joint General Secretary of the RSS, Dattatreya Hosabale, Sah Sarkaryavah shared a post by Facebook executive Ankhi Das which said, "You needn't have a #MeToo moment to support the women journalists who have narrated their victimisation. You needn't even be a woman. You just need to have a sensibility of what is right and what is wrong." 

The Facebook's Public Policy Director for India, South Asia and Central Asia, Ms Das had posted these words on her Facebook timeline. "I liked it. She has articulated what I was feeling," mr Hosabale took a screenshot of the post and tweeted it today with his own comment. 

Mr Hosabale, as Sah-Sarkaryavah, is number three in the RSS hierarchy after Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat and Sarkaryavah or general secretary Suresh "Bhayyaji" Joshi. Apart from them, there are five other Sah-Sarkaryavahs along with Mr Hosabale but he is known to be the most influential among them. 

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Mr Hosable is known to be the closest to PM Modi and is a key interlocutor between the government and the Sangh. 

Mr Hosabale's tweet in support of female journalists who have been harassed is significant at a time when the Narendra Modi government is under pressure to sack Union Minister of State for External Affairs MJ Akbar. As many as seven women have accused him of sexual harassment. Most of these women are journalists who had worked with Mr Akbar when he was an editor. 

If Mr Hosabale's tweet reflects the Sangh's position, it could indicate that the BJP's parent organisation might be in favour of Mr Akbar's removal as minister. 

Recently, the Union Textile Minister Smriti Irani also expressed her solidarity with the women who are speaking out and said that "Mr Akbar should clarify on the allegations against him". This is the most direct statement by a union minister on the allegations against Mr Akbar. 

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