Missionaries of Charity, Defended By The Bishop Of Ranchi In Baby Trafficking Case

Missionaries of Charity, Defended By The Bishop Of Ranchi In Baby Trafficking Case

Missionaries of Charity, Defended By The Bishop Of Ranchi In Baby Trafficking Case

New Delhi: The Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity has found a supporter in the Roman Catholic Church, days after members of its Ranchi unit were accused of involvement in child trafficking. The police were accused of hounding the nuns who have been working in the state since 1959 by a senior church official.  He also said that the accused nun, is innocent and the confession the police claimed to have, was extracted under pressure.

Last week Sister Konsalia and Anima Indwar, employee of the Nirmal Hriday, run by the Missionaries of Charity, were arreste  for allegedly selling infants for adoption. The police said that they have confessed to the crime, and have come across four instances where infants were sold for about Rs. 1.2 lakh each from the shelter home. The police said, only one child has been recovered so far, there could be more instances of trafficking.

Ranchi's Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas told NDTV, today, that the they are moving court on a number of issues, "and we will take it up wherever it necessary to take up".

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Claiming he has spoken to the nuns in Ranchi, he said, "The nun has told their lawyer that she was made to sign under force. She was pressurized... The sisters are absolutely innocent. I am appealing to all, allow them to do their work in peace."

Calling the controversy a case of "systemic maligning, Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas of Ranchi said, "The First Information Report seems to have accused the Sister of being responsible for baby sale... I want to make it absolutely clear that a whole organisation cannot be maligned for one or two people".

The Bishop also spoke of the nuns working at the unit and criticized the manner of ongoing investigation. He said, the police are "treating the whole of Mother Teresa's organisation as a criminal gang".

The state's Child Welfare Committee's Officials are accompanying the police for the searches, he said. "They are sending 30-40 policemen to each house... the sisters are protesting, their records are being seized. These are very simple nuns. They don't want to face press, police."

The Child Welfare Committee were involved after Raghubar Das, the CM directed the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights to investigate all such centres and shelter homes by August 15.

The records of Jharkhand government suggest that the Missionaries of Charity and its five associate organisations have received more than Rs. 900 crore over the last 11 years in foreign donations

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