Movie Review: Baaghi 2- It Is More A Two-And-A-Half-Hour Stunt Show

Movie Review: Baaghi 2- It Is More A Two-And-A-Half-Hour Stunt Show

New Delhi: Baaghi 2 was released today. It is more a two-and-a-half-hour stunt show than a genuine piece of cinema. Ranveer Pratap Singh alias Ronnie, a Special Forces captain stationed in Kashmir comes in from the cold when a five-year-old girl, Rhea, daughter of the woman (Disha Patani) he once loved but could not marry, is abducted in front of her Panjim play school. The hero penetrates the heart of the Goa underworld and takes on sundry drug dealers, Russian ruffians, uncooperative cops and menacing gangsters in a fight to the finish. The time-tested formula appears to work fine up to a point, but once the expected superhero act kicks in it is an unstoppable downhill slide.

Ronnie is up against formidable foes and hardened skeptics. Among them is a dangerous coke-snorter (played by Prateik Babbar) as well as a plainclothes policeman (Randeep Hooda) who mimics the drug-addled crooks he cracks down both in terms of attire and habits. But stopping Ronny in his tracks or impressing upon him the futility of his mission is, well, impossible.

Leading lady Disha Patani is a pretty sight all right but is only required to sleepwalk through her role. That isn't surprising - Baaghi 2 is, after all, an out and out action film in which romance - like it did in the precursor - is a mere pretext for musical interludes. What is surprising is the cavalier manner in which the film underutilizes an actor of the quality of Manoj Bajpayee.

Treat Jacqueline Fernandez's rejig of the 1988 Madhuri Dixit number as a travesty if you may but do not ignore the not so veiled warning it transmits: the third installment of Baaghi is on the way.

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