Movie Review : Hichki - Watch It For Rani, She Won't Disappoint You

Movie Review : Hichki - Watch It For Rani, She Won

New Delhi: Rani Mukerji is one of Bollywood's most versatile actresses. She makes her comeback this week with 'Hichki'. She plays Naina Mathur, a woman with Tourette syndrome, is struggling to get a job as a teacher but fails as her tics are beyond her control. Finally, she gets an opportunity and a bigger challenge in the form of tutoring 14 unruly students, who come from financially weak backgrounds and are struggling to be accepted by their school. How she forms a bond with them and changes their lives forms the crux of the film.

The job that she finally lands of tutoring the rowdy bunch is expectedly predictable as they go ahead and indulge in ragging and even betting on how long she can last. While we could recognize some familiar faces among the students, most were newcomers and that brings the rawness to the film. 

Even Naina's bond with her family seems superficial. We have the Pilgaonkars -- Supriya and Sachin -- playing her parents but the film doesn't invest much time in establishing their ties. Hussain Dalal is rightly cast as a supportive brother but the film just scratches the surface of their relationship. There could definitely have been a tear-jerking moment there!


'Hichki', beyond doubt, belongs to Rani as she gets into the skin of Naina and stays in the body language of a person with Tourette syndrome throughout the film. Even in the scenes which demand heavy performances from her, she never misses the tic.

One scene in the film particularly stands out as she portrays her vulnerable best, and it is the only two minutes into the film when she breaks down. It is moments like these that keep you engaged in the otherwise average movie.

Watch it for Rani, she won't disappoint you. But leaving the cinema hall might make you wonder if this was the best comeback film for her.

Here is the trailer.

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