Movie Review : 'PadMan' - 'Gutsy' Performance Delivers By Akshay Kumar In Flawed But Well-Intentioned Film

Movie Review :

New Delhi : PadMan Story : Lakshmikant Chauhan (Akshay Kumar) is concerned about his better-half's (Radhika Apte) menstrual hygiene, so he requests her to stop the use of cloth & go for sanitary napkins. Gayatri disinclined the idea of disposable pad because they are expensive. She became cringe due to Lakshmi's obsessing over a 'ladies problem' but he insists on bringing upon a change by addressing the taboo topic.

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PadMan Review : The story of 'PadMan' is a real life story. The film is inspired from the life of Social Entrepreneur Arunachalam Muruganantham from Tamil Nadu, India, everyone is excited to know about the man who made the low-cost sanitary pad for women.

The film's issue based motive ON given the constant mention of statistics pertaining to the inadequate percentage of women who use pads in India, and reiteration. Padman seems like a Public Service Advertisement parading as a commercial film. Portions, Balki struggles to maintain a balance as it's not easy to entertain, spread awareness and sensitize people about the issue, all at one go, in portions.

Akshay Kumar, makes you wonder why he continues to be one of our most underrated actors, despite such immense body of work.

Radhika Apte portrays her part beautifully, making her character relatable to the section of women, who still faces this type of taboos in the society. Sonam Kapoor too lights up the screen with her honesty and makes her presence felt in a significant role.

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Despite the odds, R Balki's Padman is an empowering film that gives you the wings.  The movie will free women from a most uncomfortable topic, 'PERIOD'!



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