Movie Review: Salman Khan’s Race 3 Is A BIG Disappointment

Movie Review: Salman Khan’s Race 3 Is A BIG Disappointment

Salman Khan’s Race 3 Is A Big Disappointment

New Delhi: The first half of the movie is really weak. The movie just seems to go on with no actual story. The second half of the movie is better, but still not good. There are too many twists in the in the later half, like we are used to see in Race movies. But this time, they have stretched it too far, and some of the twists even look forced.

The first two installments of the Race franchise starred Saif Ali Khan, and focused on the mind games. But Race 3 is about family, poorly trying to mimic Hollywood's Fast and Furious.

 To talk about the positives, the action scenes are well choreographed. The cinematography is beautiful.

But, Director Remo D'souza is unable to replicate the quality of the first two Race movies which were directed by the duo Abbas-Mastan. But to be fair, the story of the movie is really-really bad, and there is no way a good movie can be made of that.

The editing of the movie was also poor. In a chase sequence in Cambodia, the VFX is not good, which is not what you expect in a high budget Khan movie.

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Salman Khan is decent in the movie. Everyone else in the movie is a liability, except Anil Kapoor, whose character is good, but gets lost in poor script.

People will really miss Saif Ali Khan in the movie.

The movie in no sense is a successor of Race franchise as it has no link to the first two movies.

The fate of the movie lies solely on Salman's shoulders, and Eid holidays. The movie is expected to take a big opening, but it may suffer a big blow once the word of mouth comes into play.

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