Movies That Were Better Than Their Novel

Movies That Were Better Than Their Novel


New Delhi: Most of the time films don't do justice to their source material. People likes books more than the film. But some movies were way better than their books. Sometimes execution of the film makes theme of the book more nicer. 

10 films which were better than their books are following:

1. The Silence Of The Lambs: The movie & book both were good.

2. Jurassic Park : Steven Spielberg directed the movie. Jurassic Park was a milestone in 3D cinema. When 3D animation was still in its infancy, Jurassic Park came and shattered all expectations with its stunningly designed models and high-quality CGI dinosaurs.

3. The Shawshank Redemption: The Shawshank Redemption was based on a novella by Stephen King: Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. The kind of stories King usually writes, Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption came as quite a pleasant surprise.

4. The Godfather: The Godfather movie was bravo. Film was better than the book. The Godfather was written by Mario Puzo.

5. Forrest Gump: This movie features Tom Hanks's. The movie done so much better than the lengthy draggy novel. The narration of the book was awful. But the movie is very fine.

6. Fight Club: This book was written by Chuck Palahanuik. Forrest Gump features Brad Pitt & Edward Norton. The film was even better than the book.

7. Schindler's list: The movie is better than the book. The story was a dark, depressing story. The character of Oskar Schindler by Liam Neeson & the cinematography was good.

8. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: The trilogy was written by Peter Jackson's. Cimematogrphy, stunning battle sequences, & fantastic music score were amazing.

9. Shutter Island : The movie was very good than the novel.

10. The Pursuit of Happyness : This book is based on the biography of Chris Gardner. The movie was so inspirational. Will Smith played excellent role in the movie.

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