Opposition Calls BJP's Manifesto "Copy Pasted" From 2014

Opposition Calls BJP

Opposition Calls BJP's Manifesto "Copy Pasted" From 2014

New Delhi: The BJP's manifesto was shredded by the opposition for the upcoming national election. The manifesto of the BJP made a string of promises, including scrapping a law for special rights to residents of Jammu and Kashmir and doubling farmers' income by next year.

The Congress leader, Ahmed Patel criticised the "Sankalp Patr" and said the BJP has "simply copy pasted" its 2014 poll document and changed all previous deadlines.

The Congress leader said that the BJP should have come out with a ''maafinama'' (letter of apology) instead of a manifesto. Mr Patel said, "The difference between BJP manifesto and Congress manifesto can be seen firstly from the cover page. Our's has a crowd of people, and BJP manifesto has face of just one man. Instead of a manifesto BJP should have come out with a 'maafinama'."

The manifesto of the BJP also promises to revise tax brackets to help the middle class if it is voted back to power.

The leader of the Congress party had said that the difference between the BJP's manifesto and that of the Congress can be seen from the cover page itself. Congress's Twitter handle used the hashtag #BJPJumlaManifesto to attack the manifesto.

The manifesto, themed "Sankalpit Bharat - Shashakt Bharat" or "determined India, empowered India", also "reiterated" the promise of a Ram temple at Ayodhya and pledged to "explore all options". "Nationalism is our inspiration, empowerment of weaker sections is our vision and good governance is our mantra," PM Modi said at the launch, adding that it would take India on "one mission, one direction".

Arun Jaitley, Union Finance Minister said it was not any set of promises envisioned by "the tukde tukde gang or even the Ivy League mindset".

"This all Jumla Patra as last time also they made many promises but none was completed. What about saving farmers from committing suicide?" CPM leader Sitaram Yechury said.

The BJP's arch nemesis Congress presented its manifesto last week. Congress President Rahul Gandhi saying that it focuses on the issues that the common man faces. Mr Gandhi said, its five big ideas were poverty alleviation under the NYAY scheme, generation of jobs, a reformed Goods and Services Tax, double budget for education and free healthcare.

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