Nitin Gadkari Calls Video Posted By Rahul Gandhi, "False"

Nitin Gadkari Calls Video Posted By Rahul Gandhi, "False"

Nitin Gadkari Calls Video Posted By Rahul Gandhi, "False" 

New Delhi:  Nitin Gadkari, the Union MInister described as "false" reports that he had talked about "tall promises" to win the 2014 elections in a video shared by Rahul Gandhi, the president of Congress.

The Congress President tweeted the video that transcribes Nitin Gadkari as saying in Marathi that the BJP "was confident it could never come to power. So some leaders suggested, just make tall promises. If we do not come to power, we won't be responsible anyway."

In his tweet, Mr Gandhi commented, "You are right. The public also believes that the government exploited their dreams and their trust."

Nitin Gadkari today said the video interaction referred to the Maharashtra election campaign in 2014.

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"78 days back I went to the Marathi channel for the interview. I told them that during Maharashtra elections Devendra Fadnavis and Gopinath Munde were discussing a poll promise about toll plaza fees. I objected to it by saying that it would be very tough to implement and hence we should not make such a promise. I mentioned to them that we have mostly been in the opposition and have less experience of being in power, hence we face some issues while making poll promises," news agency ANI quoted him as saying.

He went on to emphasise, "I always keep poll promises". He said his statements had been twisted by a section of the media.

Taunting Mr Gandhi for putting out the video, the minister said: "Since when does Rahul Gandhi understand Marathi?"

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