No-Confidence Motion: Top Quotes By Rahul Gandhi

No-Confidence Motion: Top Quotes By Rahul Gandhi

Monsoon Session 2018: Rahul Gandhi Stunned The Parliament With His Speech

New Delhi: A lot of drama is going on in the no-trust motion in the parliament's winter session. Rahul Gandhi fired shots at the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bhartiya Janata Party. The Congress President said the PM is not the "Chowkidaar" He is the "Bhaagidaar" of the country.

Here's the highlights of his speech:

"China gives 50,000 jobs to youths in 24 hours…you (government) give 400 jobs to youths in 24 hours"

"PM Modi ji can be seen on Jio ads but he doesn’t have any space in his heart for farmers"

"Defence Minister said there is secrecy pact with France on Rafale deal. I personally met President of France and asked him if any such pact existed, he clearly said there is no pact"

"Women, dalits, tribals, minorities are being attacked across the country and yet the PM can’t say one word. Are they not Indians?"

“A lot of people - the opposition and members of your own party - are going to defeat you in the coming elections”:​​​​​​

"I can see he (PM) is smiling, but there is a touch of nervousness. And now he cannot look me in the eye”

At the end of the speech, Rahul Gandhi went and hugged PM Modi. Which stunned everyone, even the PM.

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