'Not Compassion, It's Convenience': Tanushree Dutta On Aamir Khan Rehiring # Me Too Accused Subhash Kapoor For Mogul

'Not Compassion, It's Convenience': Tanushree Dutta On Aamir Khan Rehiring # Me Too Accused Subhash Kapoor Of Mogul

New Delhi: Actor Aamir Khan's decision to work with #MeToo accused Subhash Kapoor in the upcoming film Mogul, saying that the director lost several projects after he first decided to not to work with him. Aamir Khan's rejoining Subhash Kapoor did not go down well with Tanushree Dutta, widely considered as the forerunner of India's #MeToo movement, and actress Geetika Tyagi, who had accused Subhash Kapoor of sexual misconduct in 2018. Speaking to, Tanushree Dutta said that 'compassion should be universal' and slammed Aamir Khan for not being sensitive towards 'the woman (Geetika Tyagi) who suffered the consequences of Subhash Kapoor's actions.' In a separate interview with, Geetika said that it would have been a 'fair game had Aamir considered both sides of the story.'

Over the weekend, Aamir Khan told Hindustan Times that he 'couldn't sleep at night' thinking Subhash Kapoor was jobless because of his decision not to work with him. He said, "... Until such time that the courts reach a conclusion, is it that he/she should not be allowed to work? I couldn't sleep at night because I used to constantly feel that my actions have inadvertently caused a person, about whose guilt I have absolutely no idea, to lose his right to work and earn a livelihood." In October 2018, Aamir Khan and his filmmaker wife Kiran Rao issued a statement saying they won't work with any #MeToo accused member of the film fraternity.

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After Aamir Khan retracted from his pledge, Tanushree Dutta told mid-day, "How come nobody in Bollywood has sleepless nights when a woman becomes a victim of abuse and is not able to work due to the trauma and ostracisation... If he has agreed to hire this guy, why not hire the woman who suffered the consequences of his actions? Why do only the creepy men of Bollywood get compassion? Let the girls also see some of that saintly do-goodery."

"Compassion should be universal. If it's so selective as is being displayed by the Bollywood's bigwigs, then it's not compassion. It's convenience and ignorance. Nobody bothered to ask me how I was doing when my livelihood was snatched away after the Horn Ok Pleassss harassment episode. No compassion for me, Aamir?" she added. Tanushree Dutta had accused actor Nana Patekar of harassing her on the sets of Horn Ok Pleassss in 2008 and last year she revived the decade-old controversy thus paving the way for India's #MeToo movement.

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Separately, Geetika Tyagi talked to mid-day about Aamir's revised decision of working with Subhash Kapoor and she said, "I had commended Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan because it gave hope to more women to speak up about their own stories. But I had never asked for it from them. Now that Subhash has been hired back, it's not like someone (from their end) reached out to me. It would have been a fair game had they considered both sides of the story."


Aamir Khan also said that he re-hired Subhash Kapoor for Mogul after receiving a letter from the Indian Film And Television Directors' Association (IFTDA), in which the film body requested him to reconsider his decision. The 53-year-old actor also said that he met several female artistes who've worked with Subhash Kapoor in the past and said that all of them vouched for him. "Not only did they not feel any discomfort with him, but rather they went out of their way to praise him... Mind you, both Kiran and I are fully aware that these particular women may have had a very good experience working with Mr. Kapoor, but that does not mean that he could not have misbehaved with some other woman," Aamir Khan said.

Apart from Subhash Kapoor, filmmakers like Vikas Bahl and Luv Ranjan were named in #MeToo accounts of their female colleagues, however, the controversies around them appear to have faded as they continue to work in the industry.
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