Nurse "Pulls Baby Too Hard" Leaving Head In Womb

Nurse "Pulls Baby Too Hard" Leaving Head In Womb

 Nurse "Pulls Baby Too Hard" Leaving Head In Womb

New Delhi: A nurse at a government hospital in Rajasthan, delivering a baby, pulled so hard at the tiny body that it split and the head was left in the womb. The incident, which took place earlier this week at Ramgarh health centre on Jaisalmer, took on even more disturbing proportions as the male nurse and his colleague tried to cover up the crime.

After he botched up a "diffiicult" delivery so horribly, the nurse, Amrit Lal, with the help of another nurse Jhujhaar Singh, deposited the baby's body in the mortuary without informing anyone that its head was left inside the woman's body.

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The nurse asked the family of the woman to take her to Jaisalmer for further treatment. The woman was taken to the Umaid hospital in Jodhpur. The health centre staff at Ramgarh informed the Umaid hospital gynaecologist that they had finished the delivery and left the placenta in the womb.

When a team of doctors operated on the woman again, they were shocked to find the baby's head is in the womb.

The woman's relatives were informed and her husband filed a complaint against the Ramgarh hospital staff. Action has been taken against the nurses and the doctor.

"The two male nurses on duty that night have been suspended. The doctor on duty Dr Nikhil Sharma who was not called at night to assisst in the delivery and has been removed and put on APO (awaiting posting orders), said Dr B L Bunkar, Chief Medical and Health Officer of Jaisalmer.

The government has ordered an enquiry and sought a report within a week. The woman's condition is said to be stable at the hospital.