Pakistan Foreign Minister At UN Says, "Indian State" Jammu And Kashmir

Pakistan Foreign Minister At UN Says, "Indian State" Jammu And Kashmir

Pakistan Foreign Minister At UN Says, "Indian State" Jammu And Kashmir 

New Delhi: Pakistan, which has been desperately trying to highlight Jammu and Kashmir at international forums since India ended its special status under Article 370, today called it an "Indian state". Pakistan, in all its official communication so far, has referred to Jammu and Kashmir as "India Administered Kashmir".

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who is leading a Pakistan delegation at the United Nations Human Rights Council session in Geneva, asked why New Delhi does not allow international media and organisations into the "Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir."

"India is trying to give an impression to the world that life has returned to normalcy. If the life has returned to normalcy, then I say, why don't they allow you, the international media, why don't they allow the international organisations, the NGOs, civil society organisations to go into the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and see for themselves what the reality is," Mr Qureshi told reporters during their interaction after his address.


At the UNHRC today, Pakistan asked it to conduct an international investigation, urging the world rights body not to remain "indifferent" over India's move on Kashmir.

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India will address the meet at 5.45 pm and then both sides get time later in the evening for rebuttals.

India has always maintained that Kashmir is a bilateral issue. It has also told the international community that the changes made in the status of Jammu and Kashmir is an internal matter, which most nations have accepted.

Last month, the Centre scrapped special privileges of Jammu and Kashmir, like the ability to frame its own laws and divided the state into two Union territories. To prevent a backlash, the Centre sent in thousands of additional troops and imposed curfew-like restrictions. Phone and internet lines were blocked and top political leaders, including former Chief Ministers, were detained.

Pakistan wrote to the United Nations last month, flagging what it called "massive violations of International Human Rights Law" in Jammu and Kashmir. India said the letter was "not worth the paper it was written on".

(With inputs from PTI and ANI)

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