Rajinikanth's Baffling Reply To Reporter Who Asked "Is BJP A Dangerous Party?"


Rajinikanth's Baffling Reply To Reporter Who Asked "Is BJP A Dangerous Party?" 

New Delhi: Rajinikanth, the actor turned politician seen by some as leaning towards the BJP, made a cryptic comment today when asked whether the Bhartiya Janata Party is such a "dangerous party" that an anti-BJP Front is being set up at the national level.

The 67-year-old actor-politician replied,"They are thinking so... so it must be so." Rajinikanth had announced his entry to politics last year after the death of former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa left a political vacuum in the state.

The Tamil superstar, one of the supporters of notes ban, today veered from his stance. He told reporters, "The implementation was flawed. It is a matter that should be discussed in detail."

Given Rajinikanth's hugely successful film career, there has been much speculation about his possible political alliances. The actor's insistence that he would be practicing "spiritual politics" fed the speculation as much as the BJP's invite to him to join up.

One of the first to raise the issue was his fellow actor-politician Kamal Haasan. Talking about the prospects of an alliance with Rajinikanth, Mr Haasan said it would be "unlikely if his colour is saffron".

Rajinikanth has parried questions on the matter. "People keep saying the BJP is behind me. That is not true. Only God and the people are behind me," he said earlier this year.

Though Rajinikanth has repeatedly clarified that "spiritual politics" means a politics that transcends religion and caste, it has not convinced detractors.

Tamil Nadu's opposition DMK -- which insisted that "spiritual politics" indicated a leaning towards the BJP and its ideological mentor, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh -- had last month alleged that Rajinikanth is being supported by communal elements.

AIADMK, the ruling party of the state sees the no-caste no-religion stance as the actor's attempts to prove his secular credentials.