Rules Of Flirting To Keep In Mind

Rules Of Flirting To Keep In Mind

New Delhi: Flirting is a game. A fun game! Flirting is not always about scoring, sometimes its about net practice.
The most important tbing to remember about flirting is that its just a casual conversation but with a witty and romantic twist. People feel nervous while flirting but there is nothing to be nervous about. 
1. Don't come on too strong.
First thing you have to keep in mind is that you don't have to be hard in the conversati0on. Just casual "Hi, How you doing ?"will be fine. Their replies will give you hints how you can talk further! If there interest is growing then  crack some jokes and witty comments
2. NO means NO
If a persons seems not interested then just back off. Don't keep trying your luck.

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3. Don't go overboard
If you hit off with a person, then just draw the line. Don't keep texting or calling all the time is not okay, don't go overboard. So be careful about how far you will go.


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