Sacred Games: Complaint Filed Against Nawazuddin For "Abusing" Rajiv Gandhi

Sacred Games: Complaint Filed Against Nawazuddin For "Abusing" Rajiv Gandhi

Sacred Games: Complaint Filed Against Nawazuddin For "Abusing" Rajiv Gandhi

New Delhi: Netflix's first Indian original series, Sacred Games aired five days ago and a complaint has already been filed against actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui and the producers of the series. The complaint has been filed against them for insulting a Congress prime minister. The complaint has been filed by a Congress member in West Bengal, who also mentioned Netflix in his complaint.

In his letter to the Kolkata Police, Rajiv Sinha said that Nawazuddin who portrays the role of Ganesh Gaitonde "abused our late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi calling him fattu, which translated as pu*** in the subtitle". He also accused the makers of the show of "misrepresenting facts during his regime".

The series is also making a lot of buzz for its sex scenes, the use of profane language. The directors Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane's extraordinary efforts at transforming the author Vikram Chandra's novel of the same name into a web series.

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The sacred games' first season is riddled with events that proved to be turning points in the history of the country. The series' narrative goes back and forth in time and remains parked in Mumbai, the ruling government's decisions and slips that shaped the crime world and political scene in the Maximum City during that period are unabashedly referenced in the eight episodes.

Episodes such as  Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi, 1975 and the government's forced sterilisation plan to the Bofors scandal and Rajiv Gandhi's gaffe in the 1985 Shah Bano case, when he was accused of choosing politics over women's rights, neatly stitched in the narrative, the script has been unsparing in its scorn.

A dialogue said by Gaitonde had prompted the 37-year-old Rajiv Sinha to type his complaint. "Brahmahatya", the fourth episode begins with Gaitonde accusing Mr Gandhi of playing politics in Shah Bano's triple talaq case.

He says, "... Shah Bano ko alag jalaya, desh ko alag. She took her husband to court and won. But the prime minister told her to shut up and overturned the court's judgement. Even Hindus criticised him. To please them, Ramayan, the TV show, aired every Sunday morning when the entire country glued to their televisions."

Mr Sinha added in his complaint and requested that an FIR be filed, "...the serial also crosses all limits of decency."

The officer in charge at Kolkata's Girish Park police station has accepted the complaint which is yet to be verified.

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